Tea Party Grass Roots Popularity Polling Graph

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WordPress Version Here:

Want to know which Tea Party member is the most popular according to Google stats? Do you want to compare a particular Tea Party Candidate to one of the regular Republicans, or even a Democrat? Of course you do, and so do the visitors to your website.

This tool allows your audience to stay engaged with your website in an enjoyable way. Your audience can type in different names in the widget and see a chart with the candidates being compared against each other in real-time.

This free widget is like a grass roots polling tool that relies on Google’s search popularity data, rather than on professional polling systems. Download this widget today!

WordPress Version of Tea Party Grass Roots Polling Tool

Administrative features:

  • Title is inserted by admin
  • 1 or 2 default dog food names inserted by admin (and can be changed by user)

User features:

  • User inserts dog food names if the default are not names they are interested in
  • User chooses from a drop down stats for either the past 30 days, the past year, all time or selects a year
  • User chooses country for the stats
  • Graph updates dynamically
  • Stats are live


Tea Party Grass Roots Popularity Polling Graph Generator
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  1. davidj says:

    Tea Party enthusiasts and even their haters will love to use this sidebar app that allows you to see the grass roots opinion of the public in general as shown by Google Trends.

  2. value my site says:

    I am not interested in blaming the tea party for economic faults in the system that are decades old any more than I think Obama is 100 % to blame to the entirety of the mess although he has done nothing but expand strengthen and push failed policies with records of being failed measures …. I am just acknowledging he is the latest in a long line up of others (Where you want to place him in the line up is up for debate)

    The tea party — began as a grass roots movement — I personally associated it with Ron Paul and then Sarah Palin seemed to have jumped on board just as it because a political party line presence

    So then and now — grass roots to political power no matter how small or large you believe it to be

    Do the two things match — grass roots — current reality

    Why or why not ?

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