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Compare politicians in a side by side contest where Google’s search statistics show who is more popular. Not many people know that Google tracks what people are searching for and the volume of those searches.

It is easy to compare politicians in a visual way with this graph generator and see who is more popular without resorting to votes.

Besides being thoroughly entertained, you would be pretty shocked to know who actually comes out on top, popularity-wise. Offer your political audience this simple tool they will surely appreciate.

Install it and see your web site’s interaction sky rocket!

WordPress Plugin Version of Celebrity Popularity Widget

Administrative features:

  • Title is inserted by admin
  • 1 or 2 default politician’s names inserted by admin (and can be changed by user)

User features:

  • User inserts politician’s names if the default are not names they are interested in
  • User chooses from a drop down stats for either the past 30 days, the past year, all time or selects a year
  • User chooses country for the stats
  • Graph updates dynamically
  • Stats are live


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