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Pet lovers everywhere can find and compare different dog food brands so their pets get nothing but the best. There are many dog food comparison charts available online, but searching through the most popular dog food brands to determine the right brand for your pet can be time-consuming.

With this visual dog food comparison tool that’s backed with Google’s innovative search engine tracking system, not only can you quickly and easily sort through different dog foods, but you can also compare different products in the market and study past trends of public interest.

So for dog owners and marketers alike, the Dog Food Comparison Chart Generator Widget can get you ahead of the game.

WordPress Version of Pet Food Popularity Comparison Graph Generator

Administrative features:

  • Title is inserted by admin
  • 1 or 2 default dog food names inserted by admin (and can be changed by user)

User features:

  • User inserts dog food names if the default are not names they are interested in
  • User chooses from a drop down stats for either the past 30 days, the past year, all time or selects a year
  • User chooses country for the stats
  • Graph updates dynamically
  • Stats are live


Pet Food Comparisons: Dog Food Comparison Chart Generator Widget
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  1. davidj says:

    Dog lovers everywhere will love to use this tool to see what others are searching for in Google when it comes to dog food.

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